New Book and Article Explores Censorship and Appropriateness

Censorship and Appropriateness: A Negotiation Calling for Media Literacy

A new article by CML's Tessa Jolls examines how new community norms, driven through social media,  call for new ways of looking at how student expression should be encouraged and guided on school campuses.  This article was published in: Marketing, Communication, Technology and Innovation in MIL Cities, edited by Drs. Mitsuru Yanaze and Felipe Chibas Ortiz (University of Sao Paulo Press, 2019).  ISBN 9 7885572 052290   This book addresses life in MIL Cities, which are smart cities that integrate social responsibilities and goals of human development with new technologies such as blockchain and AI.  Contact for more information.

Media Literacy Pillars: Deconstruction, Construction and Participation

This new CML Infographic shows the three pillars that media literacy rest upon: Deconstruction, Construction and Participation. With new media, participation is a constant, where reading, writing and sharing and contributing and yes - participating - are all part of the equation, whether through visual, aural, digital or print media. 

Five Key Questions

The Five Core Concepts of media literacy (see inform a process of inquiry that can be applied to any media content – whether you are producing or consuming media messages.  This new CML Infographic features CML’s Five Key Questions for Construction/Production ( ) – each associated with a Concept – to ask when constructing, or producing, media messages, regardless of whether those messages are disseminated on social media, video, billboards or logos.  These questions are just a starting point for exploration – but they are a reliable starting point that provide a handy way to collaborate with others and zero in on key concerns for effective production.

Media Literacy and Media Businesses in the Post- Soviet Baltics: A Strategic Defense Priority

 A new podcast featuring an interview with Guna Spurava, Head of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Chair for the University of Latvia, is featured in the February issue of Connections, which examines the state of media and society in the Baltic States: (link to Issue that has podcast and to transcript of the podcast - both are below)

Media Triangle

The latest CML Infographic depicts the Media Triangle, which shows our ongoing relationship with media – and today, we serve multiple roles as producers and users of media.
Animated infographic version you can see in our YouTube channel -  Media Triangle. 

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Commit2MediaLit! 2018

In celebration of Global MIL Week and US Media Literacy Week, we are asking people: Why do you Commit2MediaLit?  Thank you to Connecticut Public and TVSB for participating. Hear the voices of  students, educators, and librarians.