Commit2MediaLit! Campaign

The campaign Commit2MediaLit! is being launched for Media Literacy Week October 31-November 4.  Follow CML's  facebook page for updates and watch for YouTube videos with students and media literacy advocates from around the world.  We will bring you short video interviews of college students, taught by Dr. Natasha Casey and Spencer Brayton at Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL., and Brooklyn College and  high school students taught by Dr. Belinha De Abreu.  In addition, media literacy practitioners attending major meetings in San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Rome will be interviewed. All of these reports will be available on YouTube through a channel sponsored by the Center for Media Literacy: and Twitter #Commit2MediaLit.  

The mission of Media Literacy Week is to highlight the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today. For the full schedule of U.S. Media Literacy Week activities visit NAMLE


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