Developed by the Center for Media Literacy, Five Key Questions that Can Change the World is a ready-to-go book of 25 lesson plans that will help students build a firm foundation in the skills of media literacy. Features include:

  • Easy to understand introduction for teachers on CML’s Five Core Concepts and Five Key Questions of media literacy (for deconstruction of media messages)
  • Correlation with national education standards in social studies and language arts as well as integration with health, math and the arts
  • Scalable activities from kindergarten through high school
  • Real-world, engaging learning for students
  • Includes both analysis activities and creative production projects that do not require sophisticated technology (the emphasis is on critical thinking!)

There are five lessons presented for each of CML's Five Key Questions.  Introducing these lessons is an ideal way for teachers to practice delivering media literacy education to their students and for students to gain the common vocabulary and internalized critical thinking skills in demand in today's classrooms and workplace.

Five Key Questions that Can Change the World is an excellent companion book to Literacy for the 21st Century as a way to put theory into practice; students and teachers alike enjoy these engaging and creative ways to learn!