Collaborating for Success: Classroom teachers and video specialists

This article is reprinted with permission from the June 2003 issue of Cable in the Classroom magazine.

How video teachers and classroom teachers can work together to achieve powerful learning through student video production.

Video production is a richly layered activity
that engages learning and skills on
many levels. It is a form of experiential
learning with attention-grabbing moments,
drama, and heightened emotions that create
the distinct memories that are essential for longlasting
learning. It's an inherently multidisciplinary
activity. Scripting and plot development involves
language-arts skills; lighting and white-balancing
cameras prior to shooting involves knowledge of
color temperature theory; credit sequences draw on
graphic-design skills; and sound editing requires
knowledge of music. In addition, students learn a
communication process that requires planning, time
management, teamwork, and of course, technology.

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Author Bio: 

Donna Learmont has taught in Bloomfield Hills (MI) schools since 1986. She holds a PhD in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University. Her students have won 15 student Emmy Awards and more than 400 other awards for their video productions.